Holistic Anti-Ageing

The changes that happen in our body over the time as we grow older are related to biological aging. The slow or abrupt reduction in functional abilities due to degeneration of organs and systems results in aging.

The time passes is easily and clearly seen in the changes of the skin as well as from everybody’s physical ability. Deterioration of the skin is associated with external factors such as sun, heat, cold, etc., as well as endogenous factors such as, nutrition. Something similar also applies to the cardiovascular or musculoskeletal system.

Taking into account that the body ages in a complex – organs and systems are functioning as communicating vessels – the medical intervention for aging management must have a holistic approach.

  • Diagnostic approach through laboratory tests
  • Several organs-targets e.g. facial skin, leg skin, etc.
  • Right time to apply each treatment
  • Health coaching
  • Preventive medicine
  • Detox therapy
  • Nutritional – Nutritional Approach

For example: A good facial aesthetic result, we need to implement a local treatment that will trigger the collagen production, and a proper nutritional treatment so that the body will be able to use the structural elements that derive from the food digestion and absorption.

Another example: the hormone melatonine is important for its regenerative effects and plays a critical role against the process of aging. It physically produced in the body during midnight and it is indispensable for quality sleep.

At the same time, the body, in order to transfer the nutrients and melatonin to the skin tissue requires a good microcirculation system. Consequently, a holistic anti-aging treatment can provide a natural and long-lasting aesthetic effect.