Aesthetic Treatments For Women After Childbirth

The body after childbirth. The period of pregnancy is undoubtedly the most important period in every woman’s life. After the magical moment of birth, there are some natural consequences that make women a little bit more difficult that usually coexist with the joy of the arrival of the new family member.

Weight gain, fluid retention, changes in hormonal balance, qualitative changes in skin, and fluctuations in mood are some of the possible changes that a woman has to handle at the end of the pregnancy.

  • Personalized approach
  • Detoxifying and biological approach
  • Weight recovery
  • Tissue strengthening
  • Bio-functional mesotherapy
  • Psychosomatic well-being

Overall postpartum approach. The changes that each woman experiences after childbirth vary. We practice a personalized holistic treatment accordingly to the special needs of each person concerned.

Through the nutritional approach, bio-functional mesotherapy and detoxification, we achieve psychosomatic well-being and gradual recovery of weight, strengthening and tightening of the skin tissue. Taking always into account the needs of lactation (breastfeeding). All our efforts focus on restoring the body and the mood of each woman in order that she will achieve a better stage of psychosomatic wellness through a program of natural medical treatments.