Aesthetic Medicine

What is aesthetic medicine? Aesthetic medicine includes all the non-surgical, facial and body treatments designed to improve the appearance. Our approach with natural therapies aims at aesthetic results of strengthening of the functional mechanisms of the body.

This is achieved by administering a minimum amount of biological substances that allow the restart of those processes, which usually degenerate over time. We follow a holistic approach that involves the removal of toxic substances and aged molecules, as well as the reinforcement of other organs and systems that offers a healthy result.

What is the adequate time that women should begin an aesthetic intervention to correct certain parts of their body? A crucial point of this decision is determined by the temperature of the environment, especially for the Mediterranean climates, without this implying that such interventions are banned throughout the year.

Aesthetic medicine is the field of medical science that encompasses subjects from all medical specialties in order to sustain the quality of life. The whole chapter of aesthetic medicine, includes all the fields of health including the amelioration of physical appearance, the social medicine, the disease prevention, rehabilitation in general, psychosomatic balance, etc. That is why we offer treatments for our patients with a holistic approach.

The implementation of natural therapies is a matter of principle in our Practice Quality of Life. Our procedures are formed in order to strengthen the biological functions of organs, and at the same time not to disturb the homeostasis of the body.  We apply individualized medicine by using biological substances at a local level, by applying nutritional therapy and detox procedures, avoiding all the toxic and inappropriate aesthetic treatments.

The personalized holistic and biological approach allows treatments are applied to everybody:

  • in counseling and nutrition during puberty
  • in the mild biological approach in the twenties
  • in the organized therapeutic approach of thirties to the premenopausal period
  • in aesthetic rehabilitation after pregnancy and childbirth
  • in the difficult post-menopausal period
  • in the Third Age

Despite the physiological degeneration of all body systems over time, our therapeutic treatments aim at longevity and quality of life.

Although aesthetic medicine is often confined to aesthetic dermatology and plastic surgery, we must emphasize that aesthetic medicine and especially biological aesthetic medicine necessarily involves all the organs and systems of the organism. The reason is that they act as communicating vessels, interfering directly or indirectly with one another.

Aging skin tissue, for example, is directly related to nutritional and hormonal factors while the mental component of health status affects them and is affected by them. The circulatory system, and particularly the capillary microcirculation, is in direct correspondence not only with quality of the skin tissue but also with the wellness of the body in general.

Climatology and hydrology are fields of science that provide us with information about come the environment and the water and how they affect all the organs and systems of the organism. A characteristic example is the knowledge that we have for the beneficial properties of the thermal springs.

From all the above, it is easy to see that this modern branch of medical science aims to offer to people who live in a society with increasing needs and new standards, besides good health status, also psychosomatic well-being and longevity!